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    Tom Kondrat

    "iceland <5.5h"

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  2. Save by: Daehyun Kim
    Crippled by: Daehyun Kim
    Untitled (drwing for fuego fanzine) by: Daehyun Kim
    Want to be like I wasnt there by: Daehyun Kim
    Example of you by: Daehyun Kim
    Wearing me by: Daehyun Kim
    A begging being by: Daehyun Kim
    Release by: Daehyun Kim
  3. Baltic Sea, near Rügen, 1996
    Ligurian Sea, near Saviore,1993
    Aegean Sea, Pillon, 1990
    Ionian Sea, Santa Cesarea,1990


    Hiroshi Sugimoto - Seascapes, 1980-

    Click on each image for location details.

    Artist’s statement:

    "Mystery of mysteries, water and air are right there before us in the sea. Every time I view the sea, I feel a calming sense of security, as if visiting my ancestral home; I embark on a voyage of seeing."

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    Yosemite from above and bellow

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    Colin Wong
    San Francisco, CA
    Yashica Mat 124G | Fujifilm X100

    Tell us about Urban Hiking in San Francisco. Where does it take you and what sorts of places do you see?

    I really enjoy hiking in general and although there are a lot of great places to hike in the Bay Area, there aren’t too many big hikes in San Francisco. Urban hiking would be the next closest thing. San Francisco is built on hills so many places require a hike to get to.

    I used to wander aimlessly before/after class or work, but not much anymore. Still, San Francisco is a city full of character so you can see quite a bit within a few blocks. Things or places I tend to look out for are simple everyday things that we pass by but pay little attention to.

    Tumblr: @hellocwong
    Instagram: @hellocwong


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    Jenny Riffle

    Scavenger: Adventures in Treasure Hunting

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    Janet Mock on Beyoncé’s feminism.

    We can be sexual, sexy and flawless while advocating and fighting and educating and uplifting and critiquing and challenging and giving and everything.

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    Imma frame this.

    this picture is everything.

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    Vilhelm Hammershoi

    1. A Woman Reading by a Window

    2. Sunbeams or Sunshine. Dust Motes Dancing in the Sunbeams, 1900

    3. Interior, 1899

    4. White Doors, 1905

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    Mariana Pacho López



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    Twenty years after the beginning of multiracial democracy in South Africa, the Born Frees—the first generation of the so-called rainbow nation—have come of age. While they have inherited a free country from parents who have fought long and hard against apartheid, theirs is a story of growing up in a democracy that is complex and young. They grapple with enormous issues—access to education, gang violence, corruption, HIV/AIDS, and income inequality, to name a few. More than half of the nation’s 18-25 year olds are unemployed. 

    Photographer Krisanne Johnson has been awarded a 2014 Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography for her project ‘South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Youth.’ Read more about Krisanne and the project here.

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    Nouel Riel.
    Los Angeles, California.