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    Issue 1: Alex Crétey Systermans, selected spreads and the corresponding images (2/2)

    76 pages - A4 - 30 colour photographs - Offset printing certified PEFC et FSC - Cover: Munken Print 300g/m2 - Artist’s name in embossed foil lettering - Inner pages: Inapa Imagine Silk 90g/m2 - PUR binding - Printed in France by Art et Caractère - First edition: 300 copies

    20€ + shipping

    Selektor Magazine is a new quarterly collection of photographers’ monographs in magazine form.


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    Reflexionen by Matthias Heiderich

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    { from the forest to the falls }

  5. jedavu:

    Picturesque Cinemagraphs Show Off Iceland’s Otherworldly Beauty

    Cinemagraphs are often fascinating to look at, and those created by Andrew & Carissa Gallo attest to this. 

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  6. Views of Mt Fuji; Yuga Kurita

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    Burt Shavitz, a founder of Burt’s Bees enjoys a life of seclusion on his property in northern Maine.

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    Michael Gregory

    From Long Way Home



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    Oregon Coast appreciation post.

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    Andy Warhol, 1983

    Harvey Stein

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    Ken Hermann

    Flower Man

    Personal project from Mallick Ghat flower market

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    Miyoko Ihara

    Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat

    If you love a good cat photo, Miyoko Ihara's images of her grandmother and beloved cat will not disappoint you. From working in the fields to taking naps, these two are inseparable. Ihara not only explores the amazing bond between human and animal, but also tells the story of her elderly grandmother's life in Japan and the daily tasks she pursues. These images can be found in the beautiful book “Miyoko Ihara: Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat.”

    text by Anna Capurso

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